School Values and Ethos

School Values & Ethos

We dream big, show pride and do our very best!

Mission Statement

‘Our students believe that there is no limit on how we can progress, no end to our dreams, ensuring each individual achieves their best, and is filled with pride.’

Core Values

Positivity. We actively nurture and promote positive attitudes in all that we do and say. There is no “I can’t…” without adding the word, “yet”.

Respect. We recognise and value difference and understand that diversity is a strength, which should be celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here.

Independence. We encourage and enable our students to become self-directed in their learning experiences to have ownership of their learning.

Determination. There are no barriers or excuses to great learning and achievement. We are not afraid to fail, and to try again when we do.

Excellence. We have a relentless focus on high standards. If something can be better, then we try to improve, until we are the very best that we can be.